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Ducted Air Conditioning

A well designed ducted system is a long term investment for your home or office and will offer added value as well as personal comfort for years to come.

Not all units are made equal. Our energy efficient units may cost a little more to buy initially, but will end up being the lowest cost option after 1 -2 years of operation. You will appreciate the savings and low noise levels.

What is a ducted system ? Toshiba Ducted Brochure

Ducted Air Conditioning is an economical way to control the Temperature & Humidity in your home or office where there are multiple rooms that all need air-conditioning.

Ducted Air conditioning systems consists of the following:

1. Indoor Unit

An indoor fan coil unit is installed inside your ceiling space, (the average system requires a minimum ceiling space of 600mm) this distributes the air through insulated ductwork to the rooms required. This fan coil can be adjusted to control the air being circulate both for temperature and air flow.

2. Zoning

Zones can be added to allow areas to be shut down when not required. This gives you the flexibility to switch areas on or off as required. For example it is common to separate the bedrooms from the living areas, allowing you to use either one zone at any one time or both whenever required, saving you money on running costs.

3.Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is located externally in a suitable location and is connected via copper pipes and electrically to the indoor unit in the ceiling. We recommend Toshiba inverter ducted systems, they are quieter and energy efficient. Made in Japan.

4. Outlets

Air Vents or Diffusers are fitted through the ceiling in the rooms required. Insulated flexible ducting connects the fan coil unit to these air vents to transport the flow of climate controlled air. Outlets come in many styles.

5. Return air vent

A Return Air Vent is centrally located to draw the air that has been circulated throughout the premise to re-condition the air to the temperature that has been selected. This also includes a dust filter which can be cleaned ensuring your system provides you with clean, healthy air.

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Thermostat Controller

Thermostat controllers vary from unit to unit, they can range from a standard temperature controll operation or programmable time /temperature settings

Smart Zone control system with optional WiFi

The ultimate control system allows you to pre program each individual zone to switch on and off at different times and select individual temperatures, per zone. Each zone works independently allowing the system to control the selected temperature whenever required in each room. This ensures that everyone is comfortable all year round.

Wi-Fi option, allows you to control your system from your mobile phone while you are at home or away.