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Multi-Split System Air Conditioners

Multi Split Air Conditioner brochure

Multi Split systems are designed to air condition two or more rooms using a single outdoor unit.

giving you the flexibility to select and control each individual room seperatly.

The Multi split advantage:-


Multi systems with two or more indoor units are ideal for premises where outdoor space is limited or for larger architectually designed homes where ceiling space is less than 600mm, restricting the possibility to install a fully ducted system.


They are ideal for commercial premises, if your office layout consists of multiple rooms, multi splits can be used to offer individual room temperature control. Each indoor unit comes with its own remote control, allowing you to choose your desired temperature in your room, eliminating the common problem in most office environments where some rooms may become too cold while others are too warm.

Multi Split systems are versatile, clean, quiet and energy efficient. The indoor units are discrete and designed to blend in with your décor.

Indoor units come in several styles –

Wall mounted – In ceiling cassettes- Floor mounted or Ducted systems, all connected to the one outdoor unit.

Prices range from $3,900 when installing a dual head Multi Split System, with two indoor units.

Brochure to the Multi split :