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Split System Air Conditioning

Split System brochure

Split System Air Conditioning units are suitable for individual rooms. They are designed to be discrete and blend in with your décor, providing you with comfort all year round. Selecting the correct system and capacity to suit your room is important. A single Split system is capable of heating or cooling an area up to 80m2 What does a Split system consist of?

  • An indoor unit mounted up on the internal wall of the room {indoor unit size is approx 1m (w) x 300mm (h)
  • An outdoor unit, connected to the indoor unit using insulated copper piping and electrical via a small penetration through the wall.
  • IR Remote control to operate the system.
  • Advanced air filters keep the air you breathe healthy and clean, by destroying bacteria and helping reduce allergies and asthma.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant

There are two main types of Split system technology available:

  • Sinlge speed compressor, conventional models.
  • The latest smart Inverter cutting-edge technology (variable speed compessor), offering you super quiet, energy efficient operation and saving you up to 30% on running costs.

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